An Enthusiastic Baker Made Me Feel Uncomfortable

The other day I was set upon by an enthusiastic Cobs Bread employee:

“You’ll love the Pane di Casa Loaf,” she cooed. “Before we popped this guy in the oven, we let his dough rest for 12 whole hours, and we missed him every minute! That’s what gives him his chewy texture. That of course, and the extra tablespoon of TLC I personally added – but that’s just between us!”

Something’s wrong here, I thought, this woman likes her job way too much, and it’s really quite unsettling.

“Now, I can see you and I have something in common,” she said with a playful wink.

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I Burn the Images Into Myself

I Burn the Images Into Myself

Here’s an image from my journal. It’s pencil crayon and fine liner, about five inches wide by six inches tall.

This quote from Joseph Boyden’s The Orenda inspired me to create it:

“[I] pause for a moment to look once more at these pictures. Knowing for certain I’ll not ever see them again, I burn the images into myself.”

In that scene, the protagonist rediscovers cave paintings he’d seen once during his youth. He can’t stay long or return, so he sears them into his memory forever.

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Penis-Flowers and Fish

Here’s a recent painting. It’s three feet wide and four feet tall, acrylic on canvas.

It’s intended to represent all sorts of ideas and evoke all sorts of feelings, though I think the most common response I get, at least from male viewers, is something like: “oh god that looks uncomfortable.”

I’d thought about posting a more detailed explanation, but, at least for now, I’d prefer to let you take a look without the distraction of text.

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